Please note, orders can be cropped in a different way, made into black & white or touched up further (if possible).  Please indicate your preference in the comments section when ordering. Thanks!  Vicki 

Sudbrook 17 - Isabel
The Victoria Foundation Christmas Ball 
50% of all profit made on items purchased will be donated to the Victoria Foundation. A complimentary download of a web sized image is available by clicking on the image you require and following instructions. We do request that if you are posting the image on Social Media that you please mention the Victoria Foundation Ball and that the image is by Vicki Sharp Photography. Thanks!
Christ's School Drama Sketches 30th November 2017
New collection
Fletcher Family SA
Cullen Family
Cathy & Peter's Wedding
Sudbrook 2017 - Devon
Sudbrook 2017 - Clara
Sudbrook 17 - Avyaan
Sudbrook 17 - Sylvester
Sudbrook - Leonardo
Sudbrook - Hashim
Culshaw Family 2017
New collection
Christ's Governors & Staff 2017
To download complimentary web sized images or to purchase high resolution (print sized) images or prints please use the shopping trolley on the gallery. Click on the image you want and the options should make themselves clear. Any problems or questions please contact Vicki via the contact page or to Thanks!
To download complimentary web sized images or to purchase high resolution (print sized) images or prints please use the shopping trolley on the gallery. Click on the image you want and the options should make themselves clear. Any problems or questions please contact Vicki via the contact page or to Thanks!
Sudbrook Staff 2017
Jotischky Family Oct 2017
Abby & Stephen
Katie's 50th Party
Fiona & Gary's Engagement
Croyden CCG Headshots
Jo & Tarek's Wedding
New collection
Hannah & Matt's Wedding
Nairn Family
Team Richmond LYG 2017
New collection
Liddar Family 2017
Sansbury Family MG 2017
Willis Family 2017
Brown Family 2017
Wada Family
Sesay Family
Taylor Family
Dougherty Family 2017
Year 6 girls group MarshgateFair 2017
Micheli Family 2017
Winnie, Eddie & Natalie 2017
Lingle Elliott Children 2017
Davidson Family
Clark Family 2017
New collection
Bergonzini Family 2017
Matthewson Family 2017
Ajous 2017
New collection
LVA portraits July 2017
Nicola & Jason's Wedding
Christ's Sports Day & Sports Awards Evening July 2017 
2 Folders - 1. Sports Day at St Mary's University & 2. Sports Awards Evening at Christ's School
O'Brien Family
Amanda's Birthday Party
Mayor Portraits - outgoing & incoming 2017
Hampton Junior School - Madagascar
Karen Oliver
Victoria Foundation 10th Anniversary Party
Lucy's boy
Bryony & Carmel Dance
Jenni & James Wedding
Julia's 50th
Pernille & Sergio
Josephine - Designated PA
Designated PA June 2017StJames
Olivia June 2017
Richmond Borough Sports 2017 
Please note that the images are mostly currently unedited and uncropped and some need lightening. If ordered Vicki will edit, crop, lighten etc if required. We can also send you an edited proof if you are unsure before commiting to ordering. Please contact Vicki with the IMG number. Thanks!
Richmond CCG Conference 2017 Portraits
Richmond/Kingston CCG Conference May 2017
Anne & Peter's 40th Anniversary Party
Hampton Fun Day 2017
First Kommunion 13th May 2017
Mayor Making, Dinner & Civic Ceremony 2017
Avocet Furniture Staff Portraits 2017
Addeley Bike Images
Designated PA March 2017
Peggy & Sons
Richmond Swimming Galas 2017
Surrey Food Festival 2017
Jennie & Elliot's Wedding
Nagaur Family
Marshgate Reception Nativity 2016
Kershaw Party
Freeman Family
Richmond CCG Conference 2016
Clague Family DVD slideshow
Highways UK 2016
Amelia and family
RCC Shambles
Sudbrook - oliver
Judith's family
Richmond Business Awards 2016
Darley Dene 'Christmas 1914'
TCB Portraits and Group Proofs
Shenton Family 2016
Bannister Puppies
New Victoria Hospital - New Wing 
Complimentary web sized digital images available for download.
New Victoria Hospital Courtyard 
Complimentary Web sized digital images available to download from gallery
Nunn Family 2016
Emma L
Megan, Michael & Eve
Jennie & Elliot Engagement
Brews Family 2016
Clague Family Richmond Park
Boa Boutique Wedding Dresses
Year 6 Disco
Screen Your Story 2016
Team Richmond 2016
Gumtree Dragon Boat Racing 2016
Milly and Daisy 2016
Lynnggard Family 2016
Brown Family 2016
Kaychian Family
Jarvis Family
Tomes Family
Webb Family
Laricheva Family
HJS Lion King
Christs 'The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe' 
Unedited proof images. If ordered, images can be cropped and edited. Please order by 13th July for discount and free delivery via school
Wada Family
Cane Family
Fryer Family 2016
Shing Family
Lingle-Elliott Family 2016
Sansbury Family 2016
Steph & Greg
Marshgate - Year 6 'Shakespeare Rocks!'
Marshgate Sports Day KS2 2016
Hall Family 2016
Subhani Family
Borough Sports Day 2016
Sehgal Family
Staveley Party 16th April 2016
Surrey Food Festival
Balcony Portraits
Jameson Family
London Stone Staff Portraits 2016
Geary Family 2016
Dougie Brews
Richmond Swimming Galas 2016
Pearce Family
Richmond Gate Hotel Wedding Fair
Neil Sansbury Portraits
Michael & Susan's 25th Anniversary
Kohol Family
Calypso Staff - proof images
Cedars Staff 2015
Marshgate Nativity - KS1
Sudbrook - Eve 2015
Sudbrook - Zoe
Sudbrook - Yana
Sudbrook 2015 - Saskia
Sudbrook - Amelie & Aleksander
Bridge Nov 2015 Unedited Proofs
Sudbrook 2015 - Sam
Sudbrook - Josephine
Sudbrook - Jack
Highways UK 2015
Sudbrook 2015 - Mehrad
Matt & Danny
Sudbrook 2015 - Beatrice
Marshgate Nativity - Reception
Julie's Surprise Party
Richmond Business Awards 2015
Rebecca & Sean's Wedding
Donnie & Irene's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Don & Irene 50th Anniversary
Hicks Family 2015
Kain Family 2015
Jo Norman
Le Mesurier Girls
Heaney Family All
Brown Family 2015
Fryer MG Fair 2015
P1 Communications Aug 2015
Brews Family 2015
Phillips Family 2015
Luing Family
Gallop Family
Lynnggard Family 2015
Doherty Family 2015
Lingle Elliott Family 2015
Hoffie Family
Brutto Davis Family
Rees Family
Find My Sport 2015
Heidl Family
Sansbury Family 2015
Doherty Family
Ahmed Family
Screen Your Story
HJS Aladdin 
Please note that as school will be closed for the holidays sadly we have to charge postage, unless you wish to pick up.
Tomorrow's Rail 8th July 2015
Runways UK 6th & 7th July 2015
Team Richmond 2015 LYG
Marshgate - Porridge
Isis' Birthday Party
Isis' Birthday Party
The Trott Family
Kiss n Make Up Portraits 2015 
Richmond Chamber of Commerce event - Portraits taken in the garden at the Kiss n Make Up Salon in Twickenham
Marshgate Sports Day KS2 2015 
Westphely Family
Richmond Borough Sports 2015 
These are low resolution unedited and uncropped proof images. They can be cropped and will be adjusted for correct exposure should you order any.
Anna & Andrew Hyde Wedding
Newhouse Centre May 2015
HJS Alice
Ava & Rachel
Marion & Neil's Wedding
Emma Lehane 2
Lister Family
Thelma Ruby's 90th Birthday
Godolphin School Rowing Ball 26th March 2015
Richmond Chamber - Lensbury Club Breakfast
Base London 30th June 2015
Lizzy & Gary Initial Album selection
Richmond Chamber - Chez Lindsay brunch
Richmond Chamber - Entrepreneurs Conference Feb 2015
P1 Communications
Richmond Swimming Galas 2015 
Pictures may be recropped to fit size ordered. Obviously no child will be cropped out.
Kim Designated PA
Bridge Partnership
Designated PA
Mary-Lou & Learne
Jayne Mountain Party
Jayne Mountain Party
Sudbrook - Theo
sudbrook - Ella
Christs - Wizard of Oz
Sudbrook - Aleksander
Sudbrook - Alexandra
Sudbrook - Calum
Sudbrook - William
Fryer Family MG Fair 2013
Sam - Sudbrook
Elisabeth & Sophia
Serena & Zane - Sudbrook
Marshgate Party 2014
George & James - Sudbrook
George & James - Sudbrook
Autumn - Sudbrook
Rocco - Sudbrook
Alice & Jack Sudbrook 2014
Sophia, Gunnar & Andre
Richmond Business Awards 2014 
Award winners and other photos from the event. Other photos from the event taken by Trevor Aston can be seen on Trevor Aston Photography's website by following this link
Context BI Portraits
HJS Staff Oct 2014
Nasir Family 2014
Zubin Family
Lizzy & Gary Wedding
Sheen Therapy Centre
Laura and Gavin Wedding
Elliott Family
LEE Family 2014
Balher Family
Leaback Family
Creese Family
Yanni Family
Manilla Family
Fiona Anderson
Bennett Family - Newland Hse 2014
Bradley Family - Newland Hse 2014
Geoghagan Family - Newland Hse
Jackson Jones Family
Lizzy & Gary Engagement
Boys Gang Marshgate Year 6
Fryer Twins
Lynnggard Family
Shinn Family
Seitz family
Phillips Family 2014
Gubbay Family
Given Family
Addigun Family
Shenton Family
Willis Family
Find My Sport 2014 
Event on 13th July 2014. These are unedited, low resolution proof pictures, if ordered they are balanced, cropped to suit and printed to the highest standard. Please bear with me as uploading will take some time. They should all be available to view by end of Friday 18th July.
HJS Fleeced 
If you order before Thursday 17th July at 9pm you get a 25% discount and free delivery as I will deliver prints to school. I will send a cheque for the refund with your print order. Alternatively order on the night in person at the production. 
Thanks, Vicki
Team Richmond 2014 LYG 
Team Richmond at London Youth Games weekend 5th & 6th July 2014 at Crystal Palace.
Christs Bugsy Malone
Marshgate Robin Hoodie Play
Roberts Fox family
Steph & Ben Tomes
Seah Family June 2014
Jackson Family 2014
Sansbury Family
Marwood Family
Taylor Family
Lingle Elliott Family
Marshgate Sports Day KS2 2014
Shipton Family
Lalioti Family
Borough Sports Day 2014 
All images from the Richmond Borough primary school sports event held indoors at St Mary's University, Roehampton for Year's 5 & 6. Held on 4th June 2014. Please note that these are as shot. Any ordered pictures can be cropped in and lighting adjusted etc if required.
Kate & Henry's Wedding
Greg's 50th party
Harvey-Piper's Anniversary Party 
Please contact vicki on to get a free low resolution jpg image from the party
Goldilocks - Hampton Junior School
Mayer Family
First Communion 2014
Sophie, Uwe and Julian
Richmond Swimming Galas 2014
St Swithun's Lacrosse Team 
Rathbones National Schools Lacrosse Championships 2014 featuring St Swithun's School 'A' team
Marshgate PSA 2nd Swimming GALA Nov 2013
Marshgate Staff Portraits 2
Marshgate Staff Portraits
Emma Lehane
Christ's 'A Christmas Carol'
Byland/Rosseneu Family
Raj Family
Lucy Banks
Christ's Fireworks
Banks Family
Halloween Party 2013 
Barbara Lingle Elliott's Halloween Party 19th October 2013
Bunney Family 2013
Felicity & Michael's Wedding
Mellor Family
London Stone 2 
Additional shots.
Sebastian & Noah 
NCT baby shoot 16-20 weeks - twins Noah & Sebastian
'NCT baby shoot 16-20 weeks - Sophie
NCT baby shoot - Melina 16-20 weeks
Iza - NCT baby shoot 16-20 weeks.
Charlie 4 months 
NCT baby shoot 16-20 weeks
Tamsitt Family 
Newland House Fair Taster Session
Balmer Family 
Newland House Fair Taster Session
Hanf Family 
Newland House Fair Studio Taster Session
Lee Family
Irvin Family
Ghai Family
Franklin Family 
'An Enchanted Evening' at Richmond Hill Hotel, 20th July 2013
Scott Family 
Newland House Fair 2013
Katie Piper Foundation Ball 
'An Enchanted Evening' at Richmond Hill Hotel, 20th July 2013
Jungle Book 
Hampton Jnr School Yr 6 Play. Please note that this was shot in the available lighting during a performance. Cropping and editing available, please request on order.
Cullen Family
Badman Family 2013
Jackson Family 2013
London Youth Games 2013 
All Team Richmond images from both Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July 2013
Marshgate Year 3s Got Talent
Coach First International
Hampton Juniors Governors
Marshgate - Pirates of the Curry Bean 
Marshgate School Year 6 Play
KPR Under8s Tournament 25th May 2013 
Under 8s tournament at Englefield Green
Richmond Borough Sports 2013 
Please see your school gallery and the race gallery for additional pictures where your child may feature. See Trophy & medal winners in separate gallery. These are unedited, low res proofs, once ordered images can be cropped and edited on request. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.
First Communion 2013 
St Thomas Aquinas Church First Communion May 2013
Cinderella & Rockefella 
Hampton Junior School Yr3&4 Production
Coal & Castle Tour 2013 
London Welsh Minis Under 8s tour to Wales April 2013
Richmond Swimming Gala 2013
Motive8 Football Tournament Yr 3&4 2013
Monty the Italian Greyhound
Jonny Speers Party
Marshgate PSA Swimming Gala 2013
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Freya & Lottie's 18th party
Wedding of Steph & Rob
Davis Family
Dracula - Marshgate School Production
School Games 29 March 2012 
Team Richmond, Crystal Palace, 29/03/2012
Richmond Swimming Gala 2012